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Restaurant, bar and function venue

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OPEN Wed - Thur 10Am - 3PM

OPEN Fri - sun from 10Am

Nestled gracefully on the tranquil shores of Lake Hood, The Lake House Restaurant stands as a testament to nature's harmony and culinary excellence.  With its prime location right on the waters edge, this restaurant treats guests to a sensory experience second to none.   Gazing across the lake to the Southern Alps, guests are treated to iconic New Zealand panoramic vistas while indulging in some of the finest food and beverages our region has to offer.


The versatility of The Lake House is a reflection of its commitment to creating meaningful experiences for every occasion.  Whether you are seeking a tranquil spot to pull up for a rejuvenating coffee by the waters edge, or a quick yet delectable lunch to refuel your day, The Lake House Restaurant offers a casual respite that satisfies.  For those seeking a more refined culinary adventure, our a la carte offerings present flavoursome dishes crafted from the region's bountiful and varied produce.  Also available are our private dining rooms where weddings, family gatherings and special moments are made.

From quiet coffee breaks to luxurious weddings, the Lake House effortlessly adapts, ensuring each visit is a memory etched with the charm of this lakeside allure.

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